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Prudential Income Choice Annuity

Our adviser team recently┬ásat in on a presentation from Prudential regarding their income choice annuity product. So often have we said clients need to be aware of their options at retirement and do not just “tick the box” when it comes to purchasing an annuity. There are many more flexible options available now including pension drawdown to age 75. This allows you to maintain control over your investment, offers flexible income options and your pension pot can be passed to a spouse or family upon death as cash (subject to tax charges) or an income.

The Prudential income choice annuity could be considered a cross breed of a traditional annuity and pension drawdown as it offers greater flexibility and control with minimum guarantees of income and a death benefit option.

I have attached documentation from Prudential explaining the annuity option in detail. If you are approaching retirement and require advice about your options please contact us on 0800 435648 or admin@lyndhurstfm.co.uk

Prudential Income Choice Annuity Brocure 1 of 2

Prudential Income Choice Annuity Brochure 2 of 2

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