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Offshore Bonds – Thinking of Retiring Abroad?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Research by Clerical Medical and others suggests that up to one in three UK residents are considering retiring abroad.  While the current recession may mean that people will have to wait a little longer before they can escape to the sun, this may still represent a significant proportion of our clients.  A little advance planning using an offshore bond can allow you to avoid paying any tax on your savings in the UK and minimise the tax that you pay when they move abroad. Unlike other tax wrappers such as pensions or ISAs where your tax treatment is based on the wrapper and is independent of the product provider, this is not the case with offshore bonds.  Where a UK resident moves abroad with an offshore bond (especially to Europe) the tax treatment they experience in their new country is hugely dependent on the location and structure of the offshore bond provider.   


We are working with Global Pension Options partnered with Irish Life International who have optimised their structure to generate maximum advantage for UK residents who move abroad.  Relative to other offshore bond providers in the UK market we believe that the Irish Life International product offers our clients who are considering moving abroad very significant tax saving opportunities. 


Attached is a document produced by Global Pension Options, “Why Offshore Bond” it covers the generic reasons why an offshore bond would be attractive for a UK resident thinking of moving abroad. 


If you are interested in discussing any of the above in more detail please contact us.